"All Your Dreams can Come True
If You Have the Courage to Pursue Them." 
                               - Walt Disney

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UPDATE: April 28th, 2016

In 2012 we began what became America's Television Network. Since that time we have served dozens of clients and broadcast some of Southern California's biggest events. Additionally we have aired thousands of hours of broadcast, cable and digital television (combined) in one of the most expensive television markets in the nation; an amazing accomplishment for a small startup business. We have covered everything from Ringling Bros. Circus at the Honda Center, to community Zoo's, festivals and charities. In a day when major media organizations have been facing decline, America's Television Network thrived.

For the better part of four years we enjoyed strong recommendations and partnerships with companies large and small. In 2015 we were contacted by a businessman who sought to build a similar network and asked us to facilitate the technical and production aspects of that endeavor. To be clear, this was not our normal "advertising" client, this was an entire network mirroring and replicating the work we established with ATN. This man and his network were responsible for their own advertisers and we were responsible to facilitate the network. We did that.

For the better part of 2015 we spent multiplied hours servicing this "new network." Unfortunately this "new network" was unprofitable and the client had difficulty attracting advertisers. So, he decided to do an end run to recapture his investment by suing ATN in civil court.

America's Television Network is a small grassroots organization and was completely blindsided by this course of action. As a result, we have had to layoff key members of our staff and production crew and have been working with our attorney to sort through this most difficult time. Over the course of our existence we have served our clients and the community in a timely and effective manner. Nevertheless, with the loss of key production staff, the inability to generate new income during this legal battle, and the unbelievable burdens placed on us as a result of this litigation, we have had to pause, regroup and reschedule some of our production activity. ATN is not closed, or out of business, we are simply dealing with an unexpected legal matter that has consumed our time, resources and attention. Understandably, some of our newer clients are either concerned or upset. However, we have not breached the terms and conditions of our agreements. Sadly, there have been some vicious comments made about the network. Big corporations have entire legal teams to deal with situations like this. We do not. We are a small company that has tried and been doing a good thing since our inception.

Thankfully we have a competent attorney but limited staff and resources. We have had no choice but to deal with this legal matter and in time, we will emerge from this. Much of the criticism we are confronting is unjust and unfounded. We have massive amounts of video demonstrating the years of work we have completed for our clients and the network. There was and is no intent to frustrate, or otherwise anger any of our clients. We value the many companies and community organizations we have had the privilege of working with. However, we will aggressively defend this company and it's employees from unjust attacks, and/or slander that is contradicted by the facts and the written contract.

To our viewers, we do not take lightly your interest in ATN. There have been meaningful well wishes from various partners, businesses and others we have worked with over the course of these years. And yet, there are those that have chosen not to afford us understanding during this difficult time. It is painful. Watch any of the countless programs we produced and you will see the passion, drive and commitment the ATN team put into everything thing we did. Sadly, there is that segment in society that would rather "kick you when you're down," make assumptions and jump to judgment, than to afford the most reasonable measure of understanding.

We live in a litigious society. Years of hard work, passion and dreams are too easily swept away by the ease in which anyone can make any accusation. People recklessly slander the heart and soul of real people with real lives.  

Nevertheless, we will press on, and fight the good fight. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. 

Best regards,

America's Television Network, Inc.