"All Your Dreams can Come True
If You Have the Courage to Pursue Them." 
                               - Walt Disney

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Chief Legal Council and CFO, Attorney Richard W. Snyder, Esq.
We are proud to announce that Attorney Richard W. Snyder, Esq is the new Chief Legal Council and CFO of the network. Richard has represented some of the biggest retailers in the business community. More importantly he is the most tenacious and ardent defender of this company and it's directors. Mr. Snyder has represented us through the most critical period in our long history. Richard is a rational, calm voice who works to preserve and defend the integrity of this organization. His aim is to defend the organization, and in so doing, insure the best possible results for our sponsors and investors. (Fun Fact: Mr. Snyder and Executive Producer, David Hare attended the same elementary school as children and lived in the same home ---- not at the same time ---- in Irvine, California). Not only is Mr. Snyder a skilled attorney, he's a pretty cool dude. We are honored to have him as a critical member of the team.